Welcome To St Neots Network

St Neots Business Network is a monthly, collaborative networking event. We’ve taken the best bits of networking and combined them into one powerful, fast moving evening.

You’ll experience informal and formal networking as well as a super informative presentation by a keynote speaker who will share their experience with you.

The speakers we choose will inspire you and engage you. They’ll share their innovations, ideas and knowledge with you so that you’ll leave feeling energised and motivated to get out there and do business!

St Neots Business Network is about meeting people, sharing experiences, collaborating and learning. And, if you end up doing business with someone – superb! We’ll celebrate with you.

What should you expect from Networking?

  1. Friendship Benefits

Do not overlook the simple benefit of having friends in business with no strings attached. It can be lonely when you work alone, with only a monitor light to keep you company. Having a network of people around you who understands the highs and lows of running a micro-business is valuable on a psychological and emotional level. People need people.


  1. Opportunities

Formerly it was believed that six degrees of separation can connect everyone. Social media has reduced this to around 3.74 degrees of separation, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that networking is bursting with opportunities. But remember the two golden rules.

  • Make friends, not contacts. Few people do business with folks they don’t like.
  • Don’t ask what someone does, ask what’s awesome in their life. You’ll learn far more meaningful stuff.


  1. Advice

The folks you meet while building your business network represent an encyclopaedia of knowledge that’s impossible to find with Google alone. Everyone’s advice and stories are invaluable, so NEVER underestimate them.


  1. Positive Influences

When you surround yourself with the right people who are motivational with a positive mindset and who share your goals and values, you will be happier. Choose your tribe well, and it will have a profound impact on your work and life.



It’s rare that friendships are formed using the attitude of “What’s in it for me?” and it’s the same for networking. Meeting, understanding, learning and sharing is how you make your business network worth its weight in gold.