St Neots Business Network Welcomes Ann Hawkins For September

On 16th September is Ann Hawkins, our keynote speaker. And this month we’ll be focusing on increasing your profits.

Six ways to increase your profits

There are lots of ways for small businesses to increase their profits. Ann will talk us through six of the easiest ones and, because talk is cheap and action gets results, she will also set everyone a challenge to improve their bottom line before the next meeting!
If you’d like to learn some easy to implement, practical ways to make more profit, you can’t afford to miss this!

Bio: Ann bought her first computer (an Amstrad) and started her own training business in 1985, teaching communication skills.  Ann has been inspiring and supporting owners of small businesses through workshops, on-line training programmes and networking events since 2005. She was a founder of The Business Hub Radio Show where she produced The A-Z of Business Success, and helped present the show for four years before it was taken over by Lloyds Bank. A long time blogger and early adopter of social networking, she also founded The Social Media Show, a weekly podcast of cutting edge interviews.  In 2014 Ann was commissioned by Pearson plc to co-author the book New Business: Next Steps, aimed at helping businesses to grow and survive beyond the first critical five year period. The book was published in January 2015 and has received five star reviews on Amazon.  Ann’s current project is an on-line training programme “Work Smart, Not Hard”.
To get free tips on how to work smart, not hard, subscribe to Ann’s blog at and connect with her on Twitter @AnnHawkins

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