St Neots Business Network Welcomes Georgina Corley

Stirring it up in the Teashop on 19th August is our guest speaker, Georgina Corley from TimeBank St Neots.

Georgina has spent much of her life in good causes and voluntary work, including starting and directing a Solvent Abuse campaign in the days when it wasn’t recognised as an issue.

Now Georgina runs St Neots Timebank. Launched in 2012 and just 3 years later they were awarded Charity of the Year at St Neots Town Council Community and Business Awards. And if that wasn’t enough, TimeBank St Neots have been awarded the Charter Mark of TimeBanking UK.

But what is TimeBank? Georgina will explain how TimeBank helps people share their knowledge and skills within the community and how local businesses can be involved to help make our town a community.

TimeBank have a range of skills being offered, including Graphic Design and Gardening, counselling, cooking and craftwork. TimeBank would like the list to be endless so come along and find out how you can help.

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