St Neots Business Network welcomes Marc Bax

This month St Neots Business Network welcomes Marc Bax as our keynote speaker and he’ll be sharing his extensive knowledge in his presentation From Ideas In Your Head To Products In Your Customers’ Hands.

You have an idea. It’s a great idea! But how do you make your idea a reality? Marc will demonstrate techniques that you can apply to all of your ideas – designing a website, an event, a book, or even an organisation.

Whether your idea is a product or an event, Marc says it’s all about design.

According to Marc, most of us associate the term DESIGN with the aesthetic elegance of Apple products or sports cars. But we shouldn’t. Marc explains “in a broader sense, design is a structured way of looking at a challenge, problem or opportunity; coming up with a good solution and implementing it.”

You can view Marc’s company website at

To discover how you can use design in a structured way and begin implementing Marc’s techniques, book your place now.